About us

Sharing your caring thoughts

If you have children or even grandchildren of your own but you still care or are concerned about an elderly relative, you are a member of The Sandwich Generation. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Share your experiences or advice with others by registering and joining our forums.

The Sandwich Generation was conceived in early 2012. The idea was to create a website where parents could swap advice about elderly relatives, care homes, illnesses and last night’s TV.

Our aim is to:

  • Make your lives easier by pooling knowledge, advice and support.
  • We try, as far as possible to let the conversation flow and not to over-moderate. The Sandwich Generation is a site for grown-ups.

Our advertising policy
The Sandwich Generation is a business funded mainly by advertising and we hope to be a profitable one but our overarching aim is not the pursuit of profits. We are independently owned and we endeavour to conduct business in an ethical manner.

The Sandwich Generation campaigns
The Sandwich Generation is a community and is not a lobby group. We are independently funded and have no particular political axe to grind. That said our members are very active when it comes to something they feel strongly about.