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If you find yourself in the situation of looking for a senior living residence or elderly care home for a loved one there are a number of factors to consider.

Choosing the most suitable residential home for a member of your family is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. It’s imperative you have your friend or family members needs and requirements at the forefront of your mind.

Care home reviews can be an emotional process. To help you through this stage we have complied a list of important questions to consider when looking for a residential care home for the elderly;

  • On entering the home, do you immediately feel welcome?
  • Do the residents generally look happy?
  • Do residents have their own room and washing facilities? If not, is sharing organised to your satisfaction?
  • Can residents bathe when they choose?
  • When you are shown a room, do staff ask the resident’s permission (Residents should be allowed to deny access to their room to strangers)
  • Do all the rooms look the same?
  • Are the communal sitting rooms large enough? Does the seating arrangement look as if it encourages residents to talk to each other?
  • Is the home clean and free of smells?
  • Is there a variety of activities available e.g. music programmes, games, outings?
  • Is sufficient medical care of the elderly available?
  • Does the resident’s day start and end at a reasonable hour?
  • Are visitors welcome whenever, and in as large a group as they wish? Are there suitable facilities to receive them in private, if so desired?
  • Are there interesting and varied meals?
  • Can residents have their own doctor?
  • If appropriate, can residents have control of their financial affairs?
  • Does the home comply with the fire regulations? Is provision made for wheelchairs in the event of fire?
  • Can residents have personal mementoes and small items of furniture in their rooms?
  • Do the staff fully understand the potential resident’s medical history?
  • Does each resident have his or her personal care plan?
  • Does the home have equipment such as hoists, lifts and specially equipped bathrooms?
  • Does the home belong to any professional bodies or associations?
  • Does the home provide services such as hairdressing, chiropody or physiotherapy?
  • Are the fees affordable on a long term basis?
  • Have you clarified how often the home increases fees?
  • Is it clear exactly what is included in the weekly charges?
  • Are the fees payable in advance?

If there are any other questions you feel have aided you when researching a residential care home for the elderly, then please get in touch!

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