Elderly care information : kitchen adaptation

March, 2013

One of the greatest challenges faced by the elderly is the ability to carry out what they used to regard as ‘simple tasks’. Changes in strength, balance even grip might not be what to used to which can be frustrating and sometimes confusing. You may have noticed this yourself when giving elderly care help to a relative.

In previous posts we have provided elderly care information on other home adaptations, and kitchens are no different. By adapting the home to the physical abilities of your loved one they can continue to live happily in their own home, leaving you safe in the knowledge boiling the kettle will no longer be a risk.

Disabled kitchens will make their simple everyday tasks in the kitchen effortless, accessible and safe. There are many companies on the market who will design and install high quality, yet affordable, disabled kitchens that can incorporate arrangements such as:

  • Height-adjustable worktops, kitchen units, sinks & ovens

  • Height adjusted tables to their own specification

  • Pull out kitchen storage units

  • Mobile / free standing units

  • Wheelchair foot rest place under base units

  • Electrical switches positioned for ease of use

  • Refrigerator positioned at eye level

If an elderly relative is having trouble completing simple tasks in their current kitchen, a bespoke disabled kitchen may be the answer.

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