Home security information for elderly residents

May, 2013

Providing care for elderly people doesn’t just refer to physical care, there are many other ways you can provide elderly care help.

Today, with the help of BBC’s Crimewatch we’re going to provide some advice for the elderly on staying safe in their home. Encourage your ageing relative to follow these simple steps…

  1. Keep your possessions safe by securing your home. You may be entitled to help towards paying for security improvements from your local council. Check with the housing department about these payments.

  2. Don’t keep large amounts of money in your home. Keep it in a bank or building society where it is much safer.

  3. Get to know your neighbours, as it will be helpful to both of you if you get to know each other’s routines.

  4. Make sure you have good exterior lighting on your home. Call the council and let them know if streetlights have burnt out on your road.

  5. It is especially important not to let strangers into your home. Fit a door chain and viewer, and remember:

    • Never give out personal details such as credit card information to strangers who come to your door or call you
    • Never let a maintenance or service man who has just turned up at your door into your home
    • Always check ID of maintenance men that you are expecting. You can check these details with their employer before you let them in. Some may use a pre-arranged password system to protect vulnerable people but if you are ever in doubt – ask them to come back when someone else is with you.

Be sure to pop back next month as our Crimewatch feature continues with how to deal with bogus callers when they turn up on your doorstep.

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