Information for Elderly on Claiming Back Wrongly Charged Care Costs

September, 2012 TSG_PTIMG_0015_Money

The increasing cost of medical care for the elderly can be a worry to many; not only to the person in question, but also their families. Today we return to our series in financial advice for the elderly as we look into claiming back wrongly charged care costs.

If one of your relatives is currently being charged for their care, it’s possible they may be paying for care that they should be getting for free. This not only includes home care for elderly people but also cost of care home fees; be it residential or nursing.

As per one of our previous elderly care information articles; when people start needing care they are means tested (link to article 1) to determine if and how much financial contribution towards their care costs they are entitled to. However unfortunately not everyone gets accepted.

Now this is important information for elderly relatives, if your family member requires care because of serious physical or mental health needs, then they should be assessed for NHS continuing care. Many people are not aware of this so do not request the correct assessment. But if your relative is found to need NHS continuing care then it must be provided for free; including a place in a care home or a free package of care.

So if your loved one has been wrongly assessed; and therefore paid for care that should have been free, the good news is they can request a retrospective assessment and get some of that money back! For more information about NHS continuing care and how to claim back wrongly charged care costs, head over to

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