Medical care for the elderly: preventing strokes

May, 2013

Today we’re going to provide elderly care information with regards to strokes and how to prevent them.

“There is a great deal you can do to reduce your risk of having a stroke. In particular, you should take a close look at your diet, exercise and lifestyle.” Dr. Gill Jenkins

As Dr. Gill says, many factors that lead to strokes can be controlled by the individual. If you provide care within the elderly community, whether it be for a family member or friend, make them aware of the situations that can increase the risk of having a stroke. These include:

  • Smoking – smokers are twice at risk

  • Inactivity – people who are physically inactive are at twice the risk than those who are moderately active

  • Alcohol – binge drinking and regular heavy alcohol intake increase the risk of stroke

  • Diet

  • Losing too much weight – this can reduce substantially the chances of developing diabetes and high blood pressure, two major risk factors for stroke

Making healthy choices in everyday life will reduce the risk of strokes. Changing habit will be a challenge but once a new routine is established they should feel much better and healthier in the long run.

Tomorrow we’re going to provide some advice for elderly people and their carers about effective changes to ones diet that will not only improve health but reduce the risk of a stroke. Join us then!

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