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Had a fire two years ago, the alarm saved my life. I would have been dead only for that

For an older person, the fear of falling (especially if there is a possibility no one will find you), puts an immediate mental block on activity. There are no end of emergency telephone alarm providers, so why do we provide this service? The answer is simple- cost. To have an emergency telephone alarm fitted and monitored, you can expect to pay a significant figure per week, plus a high installation fee and charge for the alarm. For those who are solely on the state pension, this is simply impossible. If provided through NBFA, there is a small weekly change of £1.50 per week, and no installation cost or charge for the alarm. If you are over 65, on a low income and you have a telephone point, please download an application form or call us for more information.

In 2009/10, 277 older people have been using NBFA Emergency Telephone Alarms throughout this year. This simple reassurance gives older people the confidence to be active and remain living independently.

Please download an application form below, print it out, fill it in and post it to us. Feel free to phone the office for more information

Download an application form

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