• ratings-poster

    Public to see CQC ratings displayed across care services

    Added 24 April 15, 12:05

    From 1st April 2015 anyone who use care services will be able to make more informed choices about their care by seeing first-hand if the…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_care

    The Future of Health and Social Care in England

    Added 05 September 14, 08:46

    A year-long Commission, chaired by the economist Dame Kate Barker, on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, suggests that free care may…

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  • elderly care help - fatigue

    Fatigue: elderly care help

    Added 14 June 13, 10:57

    Last month we started looking at fatigue and it’s causes. This month we’re going to build on what we’ve discussed already and for those providing care for elderly people, thy will be keen to know, this month we turn our attention to fatigue in seniors.

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  • medium_7644298444

    Beat the heat – Part II: Elderly care advice

    Added 12 June 13, 12:35

    Welcome back to our top 10 countdown of health tips and advice for the elderly and their families to help them beat the heat and stay safe this summer. Last week we looked at points 10-6 and today we wrap things up with our top 5…

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  • ID-100162200

    Beat the heat : elderly care advice

    Added 07 June 13, 11:33

    We all love the sunshine and can’t help but comment as soon as it shows itself however it’s not all fun and games; as one gets older the response of the body to temperatures that are higher changes. On top of that the elderly community are more prone to heat-related diseases because they are more insensitive to heat compared to younger folk.

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  • ID-10011403

    Home safety information for elderly residents

    Added 05 June 13, 11:25

    The sad truth of this day and age means you can’t always be sure that people that turn up on your doorstep are who they say they are. In order to achieve best senior living we would like to pass on some advice for the elderly and their families/carers, provided by BBC’s Crimewatch, to stop fake callers getting past the threshold…

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