• pensionpot

    10 Questions to help explain the Pension changes 2015 – 2016

    Added 22 May 15, 12:36

    The 2015-16 pension changes explained in 10 questions Source By Brian MilliganPersonal Finance Reporter April 2015   1. Who is affected by the changes?…

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  • equity

    Equity release pros and cons

    Added 26 October 14, 14:19

    By Last updated: 26 October 2014, 09:13 GMT The total amount of money lent through equity release passed £1 billion in the first nine months of…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_620x920_Money

    Inheritance Tax Advice

    Added 29 August 14, 10:42

    Inheritance Tax   This is now a ‘mass market’ tax, set to be paid by millions of homeowners as the prices of properties soar, economists…

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  • Safety tips and information for elderly surfers

    Added 28 May 13, 11:08

    As active as some of your elderly relatives may be, we’re not talking about them grabbing a board and heading for the beach; we’re referring to surfing the internet. Something more and more seniors are getting into.

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  • Saving money and providing elderly care help

    Added 29 April 13, 14:10

    Over the past few years our seasons have been changing, Summer seems to have disappeared and Winter now seems to run for months rather than weeks. If you’re providing care for elderly people then you will be all too aware of the dropping temperature and rising heating bills.

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  • TV licence concessions

    Added 12 April 13, 12:22

    Today it’s time for some more financial advice for the elderly and we turn our attention to certain TV licence concessions that your elderly friend or relative may be able to benefit from.

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