Funeral Planning

  • Ashes to Ashes

    Added 04 February 13, 10:02

    For the elderly information surrounding funerals can sometimes be overwhelming; with so much time and money put into their planning it’s natural that family members can overlook what to then do after the funeral.

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  • TSG_PTIMG_0020_Flowers3

    Arranging a Funeral and Funeral Planning

    Added 21 September 12, 15:44

    The Funeral Director tailors a funeral service to meet the family’s wishes and to comply with the law. Here is a guide to the kind…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_0016_Graves

    What is a Pre-paid Funeral Plan?

    Added 21 September 12, 15:41

    A Prepaid Funeral Plan is a real consideration if you want to make sure your family, friends and elderly loved ones are going to have…

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