• mad

    Staying Safe in the Sun

    Added 10 July 15, 10:33

    Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun Whilst the lyrics were written by Noel Coward and first performed in 1931, the…

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  • water

    Dehydration an issue for elderly people, says says research

    Added 05 December 14, 09:57

      Figures presented at a Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) conference showed those with dementia were six times more likely to be dehydrated. Being dehydrated…

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  • NRlogo1apples

    Nutritionist Resource – Advice for Elderly Adults

    Added 23 May 14, 11:26

    We believe that healthy eating is essential to having a long and healthy life. Our website aims to provide easy access to advice and information…

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  • ID-10086254

    Sudden loss of hearing and why…

    Added 04 June 13, 16:25

    Information for elderly carers: Sudden Hearing Loss (SHL) accounts for about 1% of the overall number of cases of sensorineural hearing loss. Most cases the origin is unidentifiable and a cause can only be found in 15% of the patients!

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  • Healthy diets reduce risk of strokes

    Added 24 May 13, 11:44

    Yesterday we looked at factors that can increase the likelihood of having a stroke within the elderly community. As promised, today we’re going to provide some advice for elderly people and their carers on healthy diets and how small changes can reduce the risk of having a stroke.

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  • Elderly care advice: Fatigue

    Added 17 May 13, 11:55

    One of the most common grumbles of the elderly is fatigue (or tiredness). If you provide care for elderly people understanding the causes of fatigue can help mitigate related complaints. Illness can also be scary within the elderly community; for the elderly, information that addresses how they are feeling, and why, helps to reduce stress and focuses them on getting better!

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