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    Sudden loss of hearing and why…

    Added 04 June 13, 16:25

    Information for elderly carers: Sudden Hearing Loss (SHL) accounts for about 1% of the overall number of cases of sensorineural hearing loss. Most cases the origin is unidentifiable and a cause can only be found in 15% of the patients!

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  • Elderly care advice : hearing aids

    Added 29 January 13, 10:32

    As one grows older we experience change; one of the most scary of these can be the decline, or even loss, of hearing. If you are providing elderly care for a relative or friend who has or is suffering from hearing loss then we have some news for you!

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    What is Elderly Hearing Loss?

    Added 21 September 12, 14:31

    Elderly hearing loss, which is otherwise known as presbycusis, is hearing loss, which is brought about by the natural process of the body aging. As…

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