• Elderly care help: causes of depression

    Added 08 May 13, 12:21

    Yesterday we published an article entitled Depression in the elderly: information to recognise the signs and in that post we touched on the point that depression is not only brought on by life’s challenges and circumstance; there are also other causes to depression within the elderly community.

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  • More exercise information for the elderly

    Added 02 May 13, 11:27

    Continuing our healthier lifestyle advice for the elderly, our exercise feature returns in full force this month with some more exercises developed especially for the elderly.

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  • Medication management advice for the elderly

    Added 01 May 13, 12:18

    A recent study has provided us with some additional elderly care information with regard to medication management. With over 10% of seniors taking 7 or more medications a day, it is vitally important that your family member knows how to manage their medication properly. From knowing how to store it properly to fully understanding what medications they are taking, and why.

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  • Medical care for the elderly – eat to beat the flu!

    Added 30 April 13, 12:15

    According to dietician Denise Griffiths, boosting your intake of antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables could be the best defence against sniffles and sneezes for the elderly community.

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  • Huntington’s disease and elderly care advice: bulk up your diet

    Added 17 April 13, 11:33

    When providing care for elderly people, especially those who are suffering from a degenerative disease like Huntington’s, we know it can be tough. We also know that when it comes to the plethora of debilitating illnesses out there those providing home care for elderly people might not always know what’s best.

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  • Elderly care information: Huntington’s disease and diet

    Added 17 April 13, 11:26

    Earlier in the month our elderly care advice focused on Huntington’s Disease, a hereditary disorder which affects the central nervous system. Over the next couple of days we’re going to look at one of the important areas HD sufferers have to monitor, their diet.

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