Home Adaptation

  • Arthritis: Information for elderly on changes to the home

    Added 15 May 13, 12:53

    Yesterday we started providing elderly care advice for those caring for loved ones suffering with arthritis.

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  • Home adaptation advice for elderly people and their carers

    Added 25 April 13, 11:49

    Welcome to the final installment in our home adaptation information for elderly people and their families, who are finding it increasingly hard to complete day to day tasks as simple as moving around their home safely.

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  • Information for elderly carers: room by room home adaptation

    Added 24 April 13, 09:43

    Earlier in the week we started a journey around the home giving those who provide elderly care information and tips on simple changes you can make around their home to assist them with the day to day activities that become more cumbersome with age.

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  • Home adaptation for the elderly; information and tips

    Added 23 April 13, 09:42

    As one gets older, members of the elderly community can find it increasingly hard to complete day to day tasks around their home. If you have an elderly relative who is in this position, but do not need or want to move into a residential care home for the elderly, then home adaptation may be the answer.

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  • Elderly care information : Accessible kitchens

    Added 05 February 13, 09:12

    For the elderly one of the hardest adjustments they have to make is in their own home. The reality of not being able to carry out routine tasks due to fragility or disability can be a hard pill to swallow; especially if they have lived there for a number of years. The sudden realisation things aren’t what they used to be can be a difficult time for anyone.

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  • Elderly care : The ‘magic carpet’

    Added 30 January 13, 10:05

    Did you know that over 50% of hospital admissions for the over 65’s is due to a trip or fall? A scary statistic and one that the University of Manchester wanted to do something about! Care for elderly people was paramount in their studies and with advancements in maths, science, engineering and tomography all being brought together, Dr Patricia Scully and her team of researchers have announced a new invention…

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