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    Why take out Over 50 Life Insurance cover?

    Added 15 April 14, 10:31

    Guaranteed Over 50s Plans If you are searching for over 50 life insurance, we can help. Each year many people find obtaining life cover difficult…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_0006_CarCrash

    Tread Carefully – make sure your Tyres are Safe and Legal

    Added 24 September 12, 15:34

    Almost half of all car accidents are caused when a car skids. The condition of your tyres – your vital link with the road – could…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_scooters

    Scooter Insurance

    Added 21 September 12, 14:50

    Insurance companies are waking up to the fact that there’s a market out there that may soon be legally bound to purchase mobility scooter insurance;…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_cat

    Pet Insurance

    Added 21 September 12, 14:50

    Why do I need pet insurance? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the money into a savings account instead?Pet insurance gives you peace of…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_0005_Carcrash

    Car Insurance

    Added 21 September 12, 14:48

    The older generation are statistically more careful than younger drivers. Therefore if you are an elderly person or their relative looking for car insurance you…

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  • TSG_PTIMG_0001_peoplebeach

    Travel Insurance

    Added 21 September 12, 14:47

    At The Sandwich Generation we recognise that you can’t put an age limit on the desire to get out and explore the world. In fact…

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