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    Inheritance Tax Advice

    Added 29 August 14, 10:42

    Inheritance Tax   This is now a ‘mass market’ tax, set to be paid by millions of homeowners as the prices of properties soar, economists…

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    Advanced Decision – Living Will

    Added 23 May 14, 10:36

      A close friend had the unimaginable horror of watching her Mother, who had been suffering from Parkinsons’ for several years, collapse in front of…

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  • advice for elderly people - legal document

    Information for elderly carers: LPAs

    Added 20 June 13, 11:40

    Earlier in the week we started looking at lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) and today we continue with some more advice for elderly people and…

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  • financial advice for the elderly - Paperwork

    Elderly care help: Lasting power of attorney explained

    Added 18 June 13, 11:22

    A Lasting Power of Attorney, or LPA, let’s you appoint someone else to make decisions on your behalf. This is especially useful for those providing care for elderly people, be it friends or relatives, suffering from something like dementia where the ability to continue managing their own assets, finances and personal affairs will become increasingly difficult.

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    Legal Jargon can be Baffling

    Added 24 September 12, 14:29

    Some of the words, phrases and terms often found in Wills, probate and estate planning, translated into plain English. Assets - anything you own of value…

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    Why should I write a will?

    Added 21 September 12, 15:47

    Regardless of your age, everyone should consider having a will professionally drawn. A surprisingly high number of people die without leaving a will. This can…

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