Retirement Living

  • Advice for the elderly people on hobbies and activities

    Added 06 May 13, 12:11

    Last week we introduced friends and families of the elderly information on the top 5 most popular post-retirement activities and hobbies for the elderly. Getting older and retiring doesn’t mean life stops, in fact that’s when it can really start! They have time on their hands and a huge sense of freedom; so encourage them to use it!

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  • Hobbies for the elderly community

    Added 03 May 13, 14:36

    Being old and retired does not mean life automatically comes to a halt. Far from it; following senior retirement, living life to the full can really begin!

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  • Housing options and senior living residence advice

    Added 22 April 13, 16:56

    Picking up right where we left off last week, today we continue with our countdown of the various housing options and advice for the elderly and their families and the increasing possibilities for those whose current accommodation is not compatible with the individuals needs.

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  • Housing: Options for best senior living

    Added 19 April 13, 11:39

    Welcome back! Today we continue our housing advice for the elderly and the various options they have with regard to staying in their current property, modifying it or moving all together. Earlier in the week we introduced you to the various possibilities and today we’re going to continue with information for the elderly community and their families and start taking a closer look at each option individually.

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  • Housing option advice for the elderly

    Added 18 April 13, 11:35

    For the elderly community one of the hardest decisions they, and their families have to make, is with regard to accommodation. If the decision is made that your relative needs to make a change to their current living arrangements then there are a range of options available.

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  • Do you live longer if you retire later?

    Added 10 April 13, 17:06

    It seems that if a statistical claim is repeated often enough then it somehow gets accepted as the absolute truth even when there is no factual basis for the conclusion. A few of the examples of these ridiculous claims are things like, only 1 in 10 Americans have a passport. Rubbish. At the last count over 37% owned a passport. Or how about 93% of communication is now non-verbal? Not true either; who makes this stuff up?

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