• Advice for the elderly people on hobbies and activities

    Added 06 May 13, 12:11

    Last week we introduced friends and families of the elderly information on the top 5 most popular post-retirement activities and hobbies for the elderly. Getting older and retiring doesn’t mean life stops, in fact that’s when it can really start! They have time on their hands and a huge sense of freedom; so encourage them to use it!

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  • Hobbies for the elderly community

    Added 03 May 13, 14:36

    Being old and retired does not mean life automatically comes to a halt. Far from it; following senior retirement, living life to the full can really begin!

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  • TSG_PTIMG_survey

    Middle Age Begins at 55 Years, Survey Suggests

    Added 21 September 12, 15:12

    Some say middle age is a state of mind. Brain function declines from 45. Middle age starts much later than previously thought – at the…

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