Comfort Clothing for the Elderly

September, 2012

As people age, it’s a fact that their clothing needs and fashion preferences change. Many factors impact the type of attire older adults might choose to wear, including the type of activities they engage in on a regular basis, as well as health factors.

Comfortable Clothing for Older Adults
For many elderly, comfort is the primary factor that influences clothing preferences. After retirement, there is no longer a need to dress for the professional environment on a regular basis. Those who have spent years wearing business suits or uniforms often look forward to the freedom to dress as they see fit once their dress choices are no longer limited by company dress codes.

While looking good is still important for the elderly, other factors also enter into the decision making process when selecting attire. Rather than choosing fabrics that require dry cleaning or extensive items, individuals seem to be more interested in clothes that are easy to care for. Seniors who are no longer in the workforce typically favour comfortable, casual items that are low maintenance for everyday dress.

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