Elderly Information

If you have elderly relatives, it is almost certain that the subject of later life care is constantly on your mind. By going over various leaflets of elderly information and care options, you can then be sure you have made the right decision for your elderly loved ones.

There are different kinds of elderly information and care homes available, and everyone has different needs. Whilst you will check the suitability of any specific care needs that your parent or loved ones may have, here is a few tips that will help you in your decision making at what is often, a very stressful time. But don’t forget that you and your loved ones are the customers.

Ask your GP or social care team what they think or know about local care homes, and where they would choose if it was their family.

‘Google’ each care home to review the profile at a local and national level. If there is anything that causes you concern, be prepared to ask specific questions when you meet the care home manager.

Also, call and email the care home with an initial enquiry: how long does it take them to answer the phone or respond to the email? Do they sound helpful and positive? Do they give you their name and the name of the person who can help you?

For more tips about care homes or other elderly information please visit our website or alternatively contact us.