Elderly Care Information : Finance

September, 2012 TSG_PTIMG_620x920_age

Earlier this week we started providing financial advice for the elderly and their families when facing the prospect of financing home care for elderly people.

Once a local authority ‘means test’  has been completed and financial assistance is granted, there are a few options. Having introduced you to direct payments  today we look at another source of funding to support home care for elderly people; attendance allowance.

Attendance Allowance - Is a non-means tested, non-taxable allowance for people 65 years or over who are physical or mentally disabled and qualify for personal care. ‘Personal care’ means they need assistance with feeding, dressing, toileting (including washing) as well as encouragement and emotional and psychological support.

Attendance Allowance is paid at two varying rates; £51.85 per week for those requiring ‘personal care’ during the day or night. Or a higher rate of £77.45 for care of elderly people in need of ‘personal care’ both day and night.

More information for elderly relatives about Attendance Allowance can be found in the Claiming Benefits guide here.

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