Financial Advice for Elderly Care

September, 2012 TSG_PTIMG_survey

This past week our advice for the elderly and their families has centred around money and how your relative can obtain financial assistance to support home care for elderly people.

We looked at Direct Payments as well as the Attendance Allowance  but today we’re going to turn our attention to you, and the state benefits available to those who care for elderly people on a regular basis.

If you are regularly providing elderly care for a relative at home, then you have the right to request an assessment of the help you might need, enabling you to continue caring for your loved one.

This could include changes to your housing to make it easier to provide care for elderly people, concerns about your health and your life balance, both of which can be affected when consistently providing elderly care help. As well as whether you have enough time to pursue your own activities and hobbies, as this is really important to your well-being, or whether you would benefit from a break in care duties.

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