Saving money and providing elderly care help

April, 2013

Over the past few years our seasons have been changing, Summer seems to have disappeared and Winter now seems to run for months rather than weeks. If you’re providing care for elderly people then you will be all too aware of the dropping temperature and rising heating bills.

Today’s information for elderly relatives focuses on medical advice as well as financial advice for the elderly.

The high price of domestic fuel in the UK is a major financial headache for many families. However, for a pensioner, this can be a life and death situation. If they cannot afford to heat their homes, they can become seriously ill or die.

Britain actually has the largest number of avoidable deaths attributed to the cold in Western Europe. What is especially shocking about this fact is that over two million pensioners are not claiming £2.8 billion of benefits.

The easiest thing you can do for your elderly this winter is make sure they are receiving the benefits that are due to them. The government has several different programmes for heating costs:

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Winter Fuel Payment

Cold Weather Payment

Visit each of these sites for more information on benefits your relative could be missing out on this winter.

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