Funeral Planning
Funeral Planning

What is a Pre-paid Funeral Plan?

September, 2012 TSG_PTIMG_0016_Graves

A Prepaid Funeral Plan is a real consideration if you want to make sure your family, friends and elderly loved ones are going to have a stress free a time as possible when it comes to dealing with your funeral.

Sharing the intimate details of your preferred funeral service many years ahead of its time can be quite a difficult for one to get ones head around.
If you were write it down, there are so many questions to ask – whom will you entrust the paper to? If you tell your partner, sons or daughters, how will they remember and plan your every wish in their time of sadness?
Only you can advise sensibly on such individual requirements – Burial or Cremation? Your requested Church? Hymns? Music? Cars? Or perhaps you have a special requirement such as sea or woodland burial.
Bereaved relatives have an enormous amount of grief and anger to contend with, the adding of the administrative burden of having to arrange the funeral in their confused and emotional state may lead to mistakes and oversights being made plus unnecessary costs being incurred. Two cars are ordered when it should have been three; or a service at the right church might be overlooked altogether.
The cost of funerals has historically increased above the normal levels of inflation and this is a theme that is predicted to continue. A funeral costing just £750 ten years ago is costing nearer £2,200 now. It is impossible to say what that cost might be in five or ten more years time.
What is now good is that most Prepaid Funeral Plans that can be bought at today’s prices can be paid for in convenient monthly instalments – this means the quality of the service provided by your chosen Funeral Director in respect of your planned wishes will not cost your family any money.

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