Care of Elderly People : NHS Services

September, 2012 TSG_PTIMG_620x920_jab

As part of our elderly care advice we thought we would turn our attention to medical care for the elderly and the NHS services available to those in their later years.

  • Free Prescriptions – NHS prescriptions are free for people aged 60 and over
  • Free Site Tests – Anyone aged 60 or over is entitled to a free NHS sight test. Those 70 and over should have one every year.
  • Health Check – If they are over 75 and have not needed to see a member of your GP practice for a year or more, they can ask for an NHS appointment to discuss their health or any health concerns they may have. If, for medical reasons, it would be difficult to visit the practice, they should be offered a home visit.
  • Medication Review – The National Service Framework for Older People recommends a free yearly ┬ámedication review for all those over 75, increasing to every six months if taking four or more medicines.
  • Seasonal Flu Jab – A free seasonal flu jab is offered to people aged 65 and over. Because the flu virus is always changing elderly people need a jab every year, using the new vaccine produced to target those viruses likely to ┬ábe in circulation.

All of these statements are the situation in England. Readers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should contact their Citizens Advice Bureau for information specific to where they live.

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