Elderly care advice : hearing aids

January, 2013

As one grows older we experience change; one of the most scary of these can be the decline, or even loss, of hearing. If you are providing elderly care for a relative or friend who has or is suffering from hearing loss then we have some news for you!

The prospect of living in a silent world can be a daunting one, especially after a lifetime of fully functioning hearing. Hearing aids have been around for years now but for some, the obviousness of their ‘disability’ puts them off getting one.

We were delighted therefore to be told about a fantastic new hearing developed by Starkey – the world’s first invisible hearing aid!! Providing elderly care information is something we pride ourselves so we had to tell you about this new advancement in hearing aid technology.

Named the ‘SoundLens’ this aid fits snuggly into the second bend of your ear canal using the ear’s own acoustics for natural sound quality. But the best bit? Nobody can see it! This is a completely new concept in hearing and elderly care help; not only is it all automatic (no fiddly settings for your elderly relatives to worry about) but also reacts to each individual’s level of hearing loss.

Once speech and conversational sounds are detected the sound automatically increases so you can hear and understand clearly. The SoundLens is continually analysing incoming sounds and adapting to the individuals situation so to provide the best hearing possible.

All the benefits of one of the most technologically advanced hearing aid but without the visual stigma. What could be better?

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