Elderly care in the community : staying independent

January, 2013

Providing elderly care for a family member or friend can be challenging; especially when juggling your own home life and work. As much as you may want to be, you can’t always be there 24/7.

Isolation and loneliness can be a troubling experience for the elderly which is why more and more communities are are getting together, organising groups and providing local community care for the elderly. Not only do they provide company and companionship for many but these community services for the elderly have also been shown to help them to stay independent for longer.

Community groups vary from place to place depending on the number of volunteers and arrangements with local councils. Services can include things such as classes in arts and craft, lunch clubs, exercise, drivers, handymen even computing assistance!

For those providing care for elderly people, but who can’t be there as much as they’d like, these groups can be a great asset. To find out what community services for the elderly there are in your area contact your local council.

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