More exercise information for the elderly

May, 2013

Continuing our healthier lifestyle advice for the elderly, our exercise feature returns in full force this month with some more exercises developed especially for the elderly.

At the Sandwich Generation we believe by keeping elderly loved ones active they will not only stay fitter and more mobile but importantly for them, more independent.

Last month we continued our exercise journey with a number of ‘strength’ exercises and today we move on exercises to improve balance!

Sideways walking

A. Stand with your feet together, knees slightly bent.

B. Step sideways in a slow and controlled manner, moving one foot to the side first.

C. Move the other to join it.

Avoid dropping your hips as you step. Perform 10 steps each way or step from one side of the  room to the other

Simple Grapevine  - This involves walking sideways by crossing one foot over the other.

A. Start by crossing your right foot over your left.

B. Bring your left foot to join it.

Attempt five cross steps on each side.

If necessary, put your fingers against a wall for stability. The smaller the step, the more you work on your balance.

One leg stand

A. Start by standing facing the wall, with arms outstretched and your fingertips touching the wall.

B. Lift your left leg, keep your hips level and keep a slight bend in the opposite leg. Gently place your foot back on the floor.

Hold the lift for five to 10 seconds and perform three on each side.

Step Up – Use a step, preferably with a railing or near a wall to use as support.

A. Step up with your right leg.

B. Bring your left leg up to join it.

C. Step down again and return to the start position.

The key for building balance is to step up and down slowly and in a controlled manner. Perform up to five steps with each leg.

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