Sudden loss of hearing and why…

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Information for elderly carers: Sudden Hearing Loss (SHL) accounts for about 1% of the overall number of cases of sensorineural hearing loss. Most cases the origin is unidentifiable and a cause can only be found in 15% of the patients!

There are four main possible causes of SHL which affects everyone and is not limited to the elderly community is: viral infection of the cochlea, circulatory anomalies, autoimmune disorders and irregularities of the cochlear membrane. The most common cause however, is a disturbance of the cochlear blood flow.

Hearing loss affects 1 in 7 people in the UK and is becoming more prevalent as the senior population increases.

Age-related hearing loss happens progressively. This has no effect on the conduction of sound waves and is simply a result of aging cells.

Hearing loss of all types affects both communication and quality of life. Hearing aids have a positive effect on everyday activities and social independence. Therefore, treatment effects extend beyond communication.

If this is something effecting a loved one you currently provide elderly care help for, then make sure you pop back next month as we take a look at the best way to go about bringing up hearing loss with an elderly friend or relative.

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