Taking a tumble: elderly care information

April, 2013

If you are providing elderly care help for a friend or relative you’ll be only too aware of some of the changes that occur as age increases. Unfortunately two things that can become more common are trips and falls. You may have witnessed it yourself already, the person may have slipped while walking or felt dizzy when standing up from a chair and fallen. More than one in three people over the age of 65 falls each year. That statistic, the risk of falling and fall-related problems all increase with age.

The following information for elderly relatives has been provided in order to reduce the likelihood of your loved one suffering a trip or fall:

  • Not wearing multifocal or bifocal glasses when they walk (especially on stairs) will reduce the risk of a fall.

  • Exercise can be a real benefit. Exercises in flexibility, strength and balance will improve muscle strength to help prevent a fall.

  • A few changes and modifications around the home can also help; the addition of handrails to hallways and stairs, removal of loose rugs and ensuring there is adequate lighting in dark areas.

If an older relative or friend does take a tumble advice for elderly people is to go straight to their GP, even if they are not hurt. This is because there may be an underlying reasons for the fall, for instance falls can be a sign of a new medical problem that needs attention, such as diabetes or changes in blood pressure.

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