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Arthritis: Information for elderly on changes to the home

May, 2013

Yesterday we started providing elderly care advice for those caring for loved ones suffering with arthritis.

As a quick refresher – Arthritis is painful inflammation of the joints caused by the wearing away of surface cartilage covering the bone. Small pieces of bone may eventually break away and float freely in the joint causing greater pain and inflammation.

The elderly care information in our previous article gave a few hints and tips for dealing with the onset of arthritis. Today we’re going to take a closer look at physical changes in the home that will assist the patient and make providing care for elderly people suffering with arthritis that bit easier.

  • Adjust living conditions – Understandably many elderly people wish to stay independent for as long as possible. Small adjustments round the home will make life a lot easier for those suffering with arthritis. Eg, an electric can opener is much easier for an arthritic to use than a standard hand-twisted can opener. Make sure they have one. Provide a tool so that opening twist top jars is also easier.

  • Open sesame – Keep scissors handy to open packages and a letter opener to open mail. Arthritis in the fingers can make even these simple tasks very difficult.

  • Easy access – Rearrange items used on a daily basis so they are easy to reach and are accessible to the sufferer. The aim is to avoid excessive bending and stretching as this can be especially painful for elderly with arthritis in their back and/or legs.

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