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Home Adaptation

Elderly care information : Accessible kitchens

February, 2013

For the elderly one of the hardest adjustments they have to make is in their own home. The reality of not being able to carry out routine tasks due to fragility or disability can be a hard pill to swallow; especially if they have lived there for a number of years. The sudden realisation things aren’t what they used to be can be a difficult time for anyone.

However, when these changes start occurring and you notice your family members reduced mobility is affecting their home life you don’t need to start researching care homes; there are many things that can be done around the home to support your family member, allowing them to retain their independence and remain at home.

Today we’re going to look at possible adaptations or changes to kitchens that will improve the quality of life for your elderly relative:

  • Staggered height and multi height work surfaces and units
  • Raised appliances for eye level use
  • Pull out tables, ironing boards and worktops
  • Slide away oven door
  • Sensor switches
  • Contrasting worktop edges and plinths to aid visually impaired
  • Pull out drawer dishwashers and fridges

There are a number of companies who specialise in home adaptation and a simple search on google will provide you with a plethora of options. Talk through your current issues with your chosen supplier and they will work with you to design the most appropriate adaptation for your family members situation.

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