Scooter Insurance

September, 2012 TSG_PTIMG_scooters

Insurance companies are waking up to the fact that there’s a market out there that may soon be legally bound to purchase mobility scooter insurance; transport authorities are pressing the idea of tests and licensing for mobility scooters (which means that, like a car, you’ll need mobility scooter insurance in tandem with your licence); and mobility charities like mobilise are strongly advising their members to take out mobility scooter insurance to protect themselves and others in advance of a possible change in the law.

Like all transport insurance, scooter insurance is split into two basic parts: insurance for your vehicle and insurance against accidental harm or damage caused to those who may be affected by its use. Mobility scooter insurance taken out for the vehicle will protect you if your scooter is damaged or stolen, providing repair costs and even replacement vehicles: third party scooter insurance can give protection against claims made on you by people or establishments you may accidentally harm whilst using your vehicle.

Accidents involving mobility scooters are rising: with an ageing population and an increase in affordable mobility technology, there are more scooters available and more people using them. Mobility scooter insurance cover is an affordable and effective way to sidestep any problems that could be raised by this increased volume of traffic – and with this greater saturation of mobility scooters in streets and shops looking increasingly likely to lead to a change in the law, mobility scooter insurance is also the only definitely safe way to make sure you’re ahead of the game if licensing becomes mandatory in the near future.

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