October, 2015

The Telegrapgh have released an interesting article on some of the benefits of downsizing, it makes for interesting reading:

  • You’ll have less space to clean. And tidy. Does this have a downside? We think not.
  • It’s more cost-effective. You might not have fewer bills – because you’ll still, presumably, want the same services from your home – but it’s likely they will be reduced, because in turn, you have reduced the size of your living accommodation.
  • With the size comes the added bonus of not having any space. There’s no extra space for unwanted guests, and them turning up every weekend when you’d rather they weren’t there…
  • Nor for unwanted junk. Hoarders, beware. And anyone with a collection of anything large, too.
  • Just think of the money you can save – and make. Selling your old house could generate a whole wealth of income that you weren’t expecting, and helpfully pay off (at least some) of your next property.
  • There’s no expectation for you to be the host. Pained at the thought of hosting everyone and their dog at Christmas? When you’ve downsized, you needn’t worry. Someone else can pick up the Waitrose tab – without you feeling like you’ve been left out.
  • You have the opportunity to make your house your own. Think of it as starting from the beginning: you can choose the location anew, the size, the paintwork – the everything. Your world is your oyster, property-wise. That kitchen with an island you’ve always dreamt of? Now, it could be yours!
  • Added to that, you can make your home age-appropriate. Not enjoying walking up and down the stairs every day? Go for a bungalow. Want a smaller garden? Advise your estate agent accordingly.

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