One third of over-65s in England never use public transport

June, 2015 buspass

A recent study showed that One third of over-65s in England never use public transport. Despite the fact you can travel for free on local buses once you reach state pension age (if you were born on or before 5 Aug 1952 you are already eligible).

The public transport system is failing the oldest and most vulnerable in society in England, a report says.

The Future of Transport in an Ageing Society was compiled by think tank The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) and charity Age UK.

It says millions of older people are faced with travel problems.

More than half of over-65s either never use public transport or use it less than once a month, despite being eligible for free bus travel, it says.

Age UK said the transport system was not currently meeting the needs of the growing ageing population.

The report also claims it is the oldest, those in poor health and those living in rural areas who are let down the most by public transport.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said the report should be “a wake-up call” and that it was worrying how many older people were struggling to reach a hospital or their local GP.

She added: “It is crucial that older people are able to get out and about, especially as the evidence shows this helps them retain their health and independence for longer.

“The bus pass is an absolute lifeline for many who would otherwise be stranded at home and is utterly essential, but the truth is it’s not enough on its own to enable older people to stay mobile.

“For example, better transport planning and more imaginative use of volunteers could make a big difference today, and in the medium term driverless cars and other technological innovations could be real game changers.”

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