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The Future of Health and Social Care in England

September, 2014 TSG_PTIMG_care

A year-long Commission, chaired by the economist Dame Kate Barker, on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, suggests that free care may be provided for all frail elderly people  on the same basis as health care for around £5 billion extra a year. This amount is almost double the current elderly care budget in England but would still be a fraction of annual spending on NHS.

A new tax on the middle aged and middle classes could help provide them with free care in old age, a major review of the health and social care system concludes.

It calls for the post-war settlement, which established the NHS with a separate care system under the control of councils, to be radically overhauled, effectively merging the two for the first time.

Dame Kate said: “We’ve known for a long time we have an ageing population but governments and politicians have not necessarily really faced up to it.

“The financial crisis, in a way, has almost provided a reason for not facing up to anything because the whole pressure has been on deficit reduction but as we move on into the next parliament and the parliament beyond these issues are going to become more urgent.”

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