Retirement Living
Retirement Living

Housing option advice for the elderly

April, 2013

For the elderly community one of the hardest decisions they, and their families have to make, is with regard to accommodation. If the decision is made that your relative needs to make a change to their current living arrangements then there are a range of options available.

To stay or to move?

They might be finding their current house difficult to manage and be ready to downsize, or maybe they just need to make a few changes to their home to help them stay there. If they need some support, you may considering moving them in with your family, so you are able to provide the appropriate elderly care help, or maybe look into sheltered accommodation.

As a bit of extra financial advice for the elderly, if they own their home, downsizing to a smaller property can release equity which could supplement their pension, reduce the running costs as well as housework and maintenance tasks.

The options available to your loved one include:

  • Renting

  • Home adaptations

  • Static home

  • Moving abroad

  • Care homes or senior living residence

Join us later in the week as we look at each of those options in turn, providing insight and information for elderly family and friends.

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