Retirement Living
Retirement Living

Housing: Options for best senior living

April, 2013

Welcome back! Today we continue our housing advice for the elderly and the various options they have with regard to staying in their current property, modifying it or moving all together. Earlier in the week we introduced you to the various possibilities and today we’re going to continue with information for the elderly community and their families and start taking a closer look at each option individually.


If they are looking to rent in the private sector, consider the availability and prices in the area they (or you) want them to live in as well as what tenant security it offers. If you are a tenant of a local authority or housing association, you may also be able to downsize. As an extra nugget of financial advice for the elderly, there are also generally financial incentives to transfer to a smaller property.

Home adaptations

If your elderly friend or relative needs to adapt their home in order to make it possible for them to carry on living there, for example by installing equipment to help them get upstairs, answer the door, or help them in the kitchen then you might find home adaptation the best route. Head over to our ‘Home Adaptation’ page for further information.

Make sure you join us later in the week/next week (tbc) as we continue to review the housing options available for your aging family.

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