Retirement Living
Retirement Living

Information for elderly : Tips for happy a retirement

February, 2013

As we are currently surrounded by economic turbulence, when it comes to retirement the focus always appears to be on providing financial advice for the elderly (and actually, that’s something we’re going to look more closely at next month) but with the summer coming to an end and the darker nights drawing in let’s not put all the focus on finances; we’ll put retirement planning to one side for the moment and concentrate on retirement living!


It’s not all about the money

When planning for the future the elderly do obviously have to think about their retirement fund but while they’re doing this, they should think about about what sort of life they want, what you want it to look like and how you want it to feel?


Life plans

Plan for the non-financial aspect of retirement; what will make them happy? Maybe they’ve always wanted to visit Niagara Falls, or finish that novel they started all those years ago. Encourage them to make a life plan (no, not a bucket list!) and tick things off as they go.

Use it or lose it

They should try and keep their mind as active as possible. For the more adventurous why not consider learning a musical instrument, or even a foreign language. For those less able then simple joining in with the constant stream of quizzes on TV will suffice. Anything that gets those juices flowing to the brain!


Community care for the elderly can be of a benefit not only to those receiving care but also for the volunteers themselves. As well as providing them with the opportunity to get to know new people, the sense of achievement gained from volunteering can be very fulfilling. They can contract their local councils to see if there are any care in the community projects in their area.

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