Advice for the elderly people on hobbies and activities

May, 2013

Last week we introduced friends and families of the elderly information on the top 5 most popular post-retirement activities and hobbies for the elderly. Getting older and retiring doesn’t mean life stops, in fact that’s when it can really start! They have time on their hands and a huge sense of freedom; so encourage them to use it!

Today we pick up where we left off and our hobby advice for the elderly continues with:


With all the beautiful memories your relative or friends has cherished over the years, why not start writing them down? Why not write a book or novel that will be passed down to your children and their children. Feeding their mind with creative writings, love stories with a little bit of fantasy and such can be a great aid to staying happy. Also, filling their mind with passionate stories may bring back the passion in many other areas of their daily routines.

Logic puzzles & reading

Nothing feels more frustrating to the elderly than forgetting the names of their loved ones. Encourage them to exercise their mind by completing mentally stimulating puzzles. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku or other memory games keep their mind sharp and fend off the mentally debilitating effects of old age. Reading is also a fantastic tool to keep them sharp. Collect a diversity of materials, magazines, newspapers and books across all genres to pass on.


Now is the time to excell in cooking more than ever! There is not much that can make someone more proud than a successful recipes. There is no way to appreciate life more than with good food and there are so many things out there to experiment with. Encourage them to take everything that looks plausible and mix it together, give it their own touch, toss it around in the oven or on the stove.

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