Senior Living Residence

In response to this cultural change in local government and to the government’s national strategy, Senior Living Residence, Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods – A National Strategy for housing in an Ageing Society, has overseen a strategy to ensure that all homes built privately and publicly in the United Kingdom (UK) will, from now on, be built with elderly people in mind.

This change in perspective, and its subsequent consequences, cannot be underestimated. New homes are frequently built with only first-time buyers in mind. Narrow stair-cases and doorways may go unnoticed by a twenty-something couple moving into their first home, but to an elderly person, these easily-avoided construction issues could mean needing to leave their home and rely on residential care, which is both costly to the tax-payer and debilitating to an individual’s independence.

The recommendations set out by BIEP’s report will enable authorities to deliver national objectives for an ageing population. Whilst encouraging adaptability and accessibility in new homes, the 16-design standards within the Lifetime Homes National Strategy and the 11 statement of principles in this newly produced document provide a clear route for cost-effective new developments. Rather than adding additional barriers to new builds, the implementation of the recommendations should result in adding value and desirability to the homes.

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